LBC Boutique & Loan
Sell Christmas
Gift cards

We are  famous for paying 80% cash for Visa or Master
card gift card.
LBC Boutique & Loan is a store in Davis Square that
Buys Gift Cards and gives Cash the same day. We pay
80% Cash for Visa and Master card the same day.
So if
you have a Visa or Master card Gift card worth $1000 we
pay you $800.
So if you have a Gift card that you don't
even use or you have a gift card for a store you don't
even go to or may be a gift card to a store you don't
even know Bring it to LBC Boutique & Loan and get
actual cash for it.
In LBC Boutique & Loan you can sell your gift card
between 50% to 80% in
CASH the same day. That is
amazing deal for a Gift card you were not Going to use.
There is no waisting time in LBC, Just tell us what your
Gift card is worth and we will give you
50% - 80% in Cash right the same minute.
Take the opportunity and advantage to call and ask one
of our experts about your Gift card or you can text right
now and we will give you your price on text.
Call or text right now, don't hesitate:
260 Elm St. Somerville, MA 02144 Davis Square.
(Next to the Redline Train)
(Parking behind the building).