LBC Boutique & Loan
Sell Musical Instruments

LBC Boutique & Loan in Davis Square is a place to
sell & pawn all your Musical Instruments in Boston. LBC is
a store that offers a wide variety of New,
Used, and Vintage only high-end Musical Equipments.
Please keep in mind that we only buy high-end Guitars &
high-end musical instruments
Here are some of the high-end guitars we buy:
(Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, Epiphone, Jackson, ESP,
Yamaha, Taylor, B.C. Rich, Martin....... etc  )

We have a selection of High-end Electric Guitars,
Trumpets, Trombones, Saxophones, Mandolins, Clarinets,
Sitars, Flutes and Much More.
We also are Aggressive Various high-end Musical
Instruments buyers , and we pay the highest price
around. If you are thinking of selling your high-end
Musical Instrument, LBC is right place for you. Even if you
don't want to sell you high-end Musical Instrument but
you need some cash, bring your high-end Musical
Instrument to LBC and get a Loan for it.
We will pay you a fair price based on the Condition
of your Musical Instrument.
We are known for paying the highest for high-end Musical
Instrument in the state and we give you cash the
same day, no waiting.
Everyone who comes to our store leave happy with
a pocket full of cash, No one ever left our store
Take the opportunity and advantage to call and ask
one of experts about your Musical Instrument or
you can text and we will give you
your price on the text.
Even if you want to buy Musical Instruments, you can
come to LBC and get them for the lowest prices.

Text or call right now don't hesitate!!
260 Elm St. Somerville, MA 02144
Davis Square.(Next to the Redline Train)
(Parking behind the building)