Having assembled a superb team of experienced
specialists, in fields ranging from American
Paintings to Rare Coins to Sports Collectibles to
Estate Jewelry,
we are pleased to offer our clients formal
Our Appraisals Services Departmet will work
with you on the proper form of the
appraisal to meet necessary purposes, the
associated costs of producing the appraisal, and
the timeline of completion of the final appraisal
LBC Boutique & Loan provides Fair Market and
Retail Replacement Value appraisals for the
following purposes:
Charitable Donation
Equitable Distribution
Estate Planning
Estate Tax
Financial Planning
Gift Tax
We offer complimentary initial assessments of
individual items, collections, and estates to
assist in determining the extent of the required
appraisal service. Our appraisals meet all
required IRS and legal conditions to function as
qualified valuations of tangible property.
Appraisal Fees
Our competitive fees are based on an hourly or
daily rate per specialist plus any travel and
out-of-pocket expenses. Contact our Appraisal
Services Department for the specific terms and
fees associated with the appraisal of your
particular property. If you later choose to sell
property listed in a LBC Boutique & Loan
appraisal through a LBC Boutique & Loan private
sale, all appraisal fees are fully refundable
against the Seller's Commissions (but not
against Buyer's Premiums) at a prorated rate
based on the number and value of the property  
for sale within a one year period from the issue
date of the report.
Appraisal Agreement
All appraisals will require an Appraisal
Agreement to be signed by the client prior to
any work beginning on the appraisal.

Appraisal TimelineMost appraisals of fewer than
20 items will take a maximum of 4 hours to
deliver to the client once the property has been
seen in person by a LBC Boutique & Loan
specialist in order to verify the actual condition
and existence. For larger appraisals, an
anticipated timeline for completion will be
provided with the appraisal proposal letter.
Free Appraisal days are offered every
Wednesday  from 12:00pm-5:00pm
at 233
Elm Street in Davis Sq. Somervile,
Massachusetts. We welcome emailed photos of
your items! Contact us: (617)-821-6229.

If you are considering selling your property
today and do not need a formal written
LBC Boutique & Loan provides free and
confidential estimate valuations of property.
If you have any more Questions, please call or
text for a free quote.
Call or Text, Don't Hesitate:
260 Elm St. Somerville, MA 02144 Davis Square.
(Next to the Redline Train)
(Parking behind the building).
LBC Boutique & Loan
Appraisal Services