LBC Boutique & Loan
G.I.A. Certified

Most of the Employees in LBC Boutique & Loan are
G.I.A. Certified. Our G.I.A. Certified Employees can
Grade any kind of diamond at any size and color.

The GIA diamond grading report in LBC includes the
following information:
Date: The date the diamond was examined by our GIA
certified employee.
Report Number: The unique tracking number assigned
to each diamond and report.
Shape (e.g. brilliant round, square modified brilliant)
Measurements: to the nearest one-hundredth of a
Carat Weight: to the nearest one-hundredth of a carat
Depth %
Table %
Girdle Thickness
Culet Size
Polish Grade
Symmetry Grade
Clarity Grade
Color Grade
Cut Grade: for round diamonds only
Fluorescence Grade
Laser Inscription: Notes the content of any inscription
present on the girdle of the diamond.
General Comments: Additional identifying
characteristics or features not otherwise represented
in the report.
Diamond Plot: showing all inclusions and blemishes
Proportion Diagram: A graphic representation of the
diamond's actual proportions.
Security Features: A variety of document security
features (such as hologram, security screen,
micro-print lines) which confirm the authenticity of the

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