Are you thinking about selling a tiffany lamp in
Boston for cash same day?
Well La Chic Boutique is the Right Place for you.

Tiffany lamps are so sleek and beautiful. We love
Tiffany lamps and the best part about selling your
Tiffany lamp is we pay you very High price for
your Antique Tiffany Lamp. We pay cash for your
Antique Tiffany Lamp Same day. Please wrap
them nicely so it doesn't break on your way to us.
We have a parking lot behind the building with a
loading zone so you can park there. We love
artwork and we love tiffany lamps (old). We pay
low if anything for reproductions because of
space limitations.

Take the opportunity and advantage to call
and ask one of our experts about your Tiffany
Lamp or you can text and we will give you your
price on text.
Call or text right now, don't hesitate:

260 Elm St. Unit 109 Somerville, MA 02144 Davis
Square..(Next to the Redline Train)
(Parking behind the building).

Another Store opening Soon on January 2nd inNewbury Street,
MA, 02115.It is Going to Be Best Fashion Store in Massachusetts.
Alot of High End Products, Handbags, Watches, Shoes,and
more will be on our Newbury Store Soon.
For any Questions Please Call 617-821-6229.
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La Chic Boutique
Sell Antique Tiffany Lamps